For most, the thought of having your post production done in another city, let alone another country was sheer madness.

Enter “Covid”, the resulting “Remote Process” and all of that changed. The talents of the entire creative world were now literally a Zoom , Teams or Wetransfer click away.

So what’s so special about OBPP?

Well to start with we are based in South Africa and part of an industry well known for it’s absolute professionalism, insane creativity and obsession with delivery. We have also been doing this for over 33 years now and have access to the best the industry has to offer from offline (or editorial) to final picture (including grading, VFX, animation, music composition, mixing etc). And finally - we’re very competitive cost wise. Give us the opportunity to quote and we’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

We have already been post house of choice for many international productions, sometimes working only on the Visual Effects and Online and other times handling the entire process from edit right through to station delivery and “versioning”*(see below for an amazing offer) where we adapt and format for all the different social media platforms.

Here are just some of the international ads we have been lucky enough to work on.

*These days many advertisers are looking to "reuse/repurpose" existing ads to try and get a bit more bang for their buck - like cutdowns and reformats from 16x9 to 1x1 or 9x16 for social media platforms but they are often nervous to go ahead as "it may not work" and then they've wasted even more money.

So we have introduced a risk free option. The existing ad/content gets sent to us ( with a basic brief of what is required and if we think it is impossible, we will let you know. If we think it is possible we will do a rough edit/reformat to show the potential and if you agree that it will work and want to proceed, we will do a quote to complete the project. If you do not think it works well enough we end it there and there is absolutely no cost to you.

Veronica Gerfen

(Executive Producer)

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Rod Smith

(Executive Producer)

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