New ideas from an old favourite.

The pandemic changed a Lot of things especially how we work. “Remote” is now a lot closer than ever before and although a Lot more can be done from the comforts of our beds or dining room tables there is still a Lot to be said for the excellence and exceptional quality that is delivered when South Africa’s best and most highly skilled artists and creatives all gather in one place to collaborate – Welcome to The Lot @ 9 Geneva.

It does not have to be an OBPP job at all.

Housed at 9 Geneva Rd in Blairgowrie, The Lot  is now a place where everyone can meet, collaborate, critique, craft and deliver. Bring your own editor or artist and dry hire the suites for approvals and viewings. You can do Offlines, Grades, VFX, Onlines and Audio using your own artists and engineers all in one place and if you need recommendations we will gladly assist.   

To all post houses who have been unfairly forced to move or are just tired of the huge overheads that come with setting up bricks and mortar operations – hopefully here is a great new solution for you.

 Audio engineers - if you just need a studio to record voice overs but will do the rest from home – you can. Or if you want to stay and use the studios longer – you are more than welcome. For more info regarding the audio side of things please call Andile from Prime Produce on 010 475 0200

For info re the picture side of things or to book suites, please call 011 789 2961

or Veronica on 083 417 0003.

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To our incredibly skilled and talented freelance community -

We know how difficult it is these days getting a “foot in” to the commercial post production industry so we have a plan to try and help:

Here is something new for all you talented undiscovered (as yet) artists.

We reached out to some of the best commercial film directors and editors in the industry who generously agreed to come on board. Here is how it works:

We will upload already finished projects together with a brief from the relevant film directors and/or editors. You then download and show off your skills by resubmitting how YOU would have interpreted the brief and approached that part of the process.

Just to clarify: You will not be paid for doing this. These are already completed projects. This is simply an opportunity to showcase your talents and skills to some of the industry’s best.  

Once you have completed your work you simply submit it to us via to and we will pass it on to the director/editor. If they like your work and think you have what it takes we will organise for you to meet and work a bit more at The Lot to assess the chemistry between you.

As things evolve and as we get more directors and editors on board we will be offering more and more for you to showcase you work on. Keep an eye out on social media for more info.

If you are interested please send us your contact details and your particular field of expertise. We will send you a link to a project for you to showcase your talents.

Click here to send us your details: