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About Us

Give more than expected, be utterly professional but above all…have fun doing it” - That was our mission statement from the very beginning and it seems to have worked.

Orchestra Blue Post Production was founded in January 1990 and soon became South Africa’s “go to” post house making us not only the oldest but also longest running. Not only have we been blessed to have worked with some of the industry’s best but we are proud to still be working with clients that were there when we opened our doors.

Focusing high end post production, our aim was to provide exceptionally creative "editorial" (or offline editing) and to utilise improvements in technology to enhance and advance the “approval” process. This allows us to move into the next stage of post (usually at Geppetto’s Workshop) starting from a much higher level - be it picture or sound or both.  

Improvements in bandwidth and internet connectivity have allowed us to offer our skills internationally and although we have been doing this for many years now we have recently been doing more and more “Remote” sessions with production companies and agencies around the world who have recognised our world class service and very cost effective post production solutions.   

Welcome to the Best Little Post House in the World

Orchestra Blue

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